The kraken is a legendary sea monster believed to terrorize sailors in the Northern Atlantic. The kraken was described and is often depicted as a giant cephalopod, such as a squid or octopus. Norwegian folklore describes the feeding habit of these beasts as consuming entire ships of sailors 

The Pen

At Black Flag Penworks, the Kraken consists of a tapered body and cap which terminate in conical finials.

Nib: The Kraken comes with your choice of either a Jowo #6 or Bock 250 steel nib. Bock 250 is the standard on stock pens unless otherwise specified.

Body: The Kraken is produced in single pattern synthetic material. Contrasting or complimentary materials for finials and/or the section are available upon request.

Cap: The standard Kraken is offered with a larger diameter cap than the pen body. However, the Kraken is also offered with a flush joint as an upgrade.

Pricing: Starts at $190