Queen Anne's Revenge

Queen Anne's Revenge was an early 18th century ship made famous by Edward Teach, infamously known as Blackbeard. It is believed she began life circa 1710 in England but was soon captured by France. She was sailed under the name La Concorde as a naval frigate, merchant vessel, and eventually a slave ship. Blackbeard captured the La Concorde in approximately 1717 and she became his flag ship while being renamed Queen Anne's Revenge. Under Blackbeard, the Queen Anne's Revenge sailed with a crew of approximately 300 with an armament of 40 canons. The Queen Anne's Revenge ran aground in present day Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina in the spring of 1718 where she remained until discovery in 1996.

The Pen

At Black Flag Penworks, the Queen Anne's Revenge represents the classic theme of the early 18th century vessel with a wood pen body tapered towards a typically contrasting finial. The gentle taper of the pen body and finial shape is inspired by that of a ship's hull.

Nib: Comes with your choice of either a Jowo #6 or Bock 250 steel nib

Pen Body: Almost any wood is possible. Inquire about in stock options of to discuss acquiring a specific species. Also available in antler.

Cap: The basic Queen Anne's Revenge cap is ebonite matching the finals and section. However, you can upgrade the cap to a different material contrasting or complimenting the body. Inquire about available options or sourcing specific material.

Finials: Ebonite finials are the standard material. Other materials Available upon request.

Cap / Finial bands: Additional banding available on the cap or finials available. Examples include an ebonite band at the base of a wood cap, resin bands on cap of finial, and thin metal banding between the finial and its mating surface.

Pricing: The Queen Anne's Revenge starts at $250