Privateers engaged in warfare at sea  while under the commission of a nation. This commission, also known as a letter of marque, empowered individuals to carry out hostilities. The hostilities included taking foreign vessels and crews as prizes and prisoners. Privateering allowed nations to raise revenue for war by leveraging these privately owned ships to supplement their power. The privateers earned a greater income and profit than able as merchant mariners. Privateers often turned to piracy once wars ended.

The Pen

At Black Flag Penworks, the Privateer is the basic pen consisting of a straight-sided body and cap with flat finials.

Nib: The Privateer comes with your choice of a Jowo #6 or Bock 250 steel nib. Bock 250 is the standard on stock pens unless otherwise specified.

Body / Cap: The Privateer is produced in single pattern synthetic material. Contrasting or complimentary materials for finials and/or the section are available upon request at an additional cost. The Privateer is offered with a larger diameter cap than the pen body.

Pricing: Starts at $165